Kilkenny College is changing to a new communications system called and parents are advised to register quickly – as the College will soon no longer be using text messaging .

Until now, Kilkenny College has used traditional SMS text messaging as a means to communicate with parents.  As SMS texting costs have increased dramatically over the past few years, the decision was taken to move to .   This is a new system that allows schools to contact parents through smartphone apps for free. Rather than using its own app, sends messages to parents using free apps that you are already familiar with such as Viber, Messenger and Telegram. There are no parent costs at any stage.

Viber, or Messenger can be used ….

To allow Kilkenny College contact you on your preferred app, you must quickly register on This is
a simple task that takes about 2-3 minutes to complete. There is no cost to register, the apps are free and all messages
sent to parents are free. Follow these steps to link up with your preferred app