boarding 11 20211125 1595880299Kilkenny College is a co-educational boarding and day school, with a Church of Ireland Ethos. The student population comprises 50% Daystudents, 50% Boarding students. The gender breakdown is approximately 50:50 male and female. Students of all faith backgrounds and none are welcomed.

The College sits on a 52 acre site, on the outskirts of Kilkenny City. It is a five and half day boarding school, with the option for boarding students to return on Sunday evening or Monday morning. Boarding students return home every Friday evening.

The Boys and Girls Boarding houses aim to provide “a home away from home”. The College continually strives to provide a happy, safe and secure place for each student. It also, seeks to create a friendly, family atmosphere amongst students, teachers and other members of staff. Students are encouraged to value honesty, reliability, punctuality and respect for others. The level of discipline is similar to what is expected at home. Students are mentally, physically and spiritually nourished along their journey, over the course of their six years  spent in the College. Kilkenny College has welcomed generations of families over the years. Each year new families are welcomed , starting their own piece of history with the school.

boarding 3 20211125 1292554101The Boarding students are cared for by a diverse team of professionals who all work together to provide the best of care and facilities. This team is made up of dedicated boarding staff, teachers, full-time nursing staff who are assisted by colleagues in the kitchen, household and maintenance departments. The College continues to update its facilities  and procedures in looking to the future, in accordance with our current Development plan.