Kilkenny College Girls Residence

Head of Residence:  Ms. Sarah Bill

Assistant Heads of Residence: Ms. Siobhan Lawlor, Ms. Freda Coyle, Ms. Valerie O'Connor, Ms. Catherine Grace, Ms. Jill Acheson, Ms. Susan Shirley, Katherine Crampton

Contact via email: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


086 4055797 between 9am-3.30pm and 7pm-8.30pm preferably.

Kilkenny College Girls’ Residence is a community of 235 boarder girls from Kilkenny’s surrounding counties and beyond. It is their home away from home. Dorms, tuck and common rooms, locker areas, changing rooms, music practice areas, sickbay and a multi-purpose hall make up the Boarding Residence. It is a busy place full of activity. Class is only one part of the school day for boarders with most girls involved in training after school – hockey, badminton, aerobics, gym, yoga and running. An evening study programme of Prep takes place every evening from 6.40-8.40 / 9.10pm. 

Dorm Prefects are integral members of the Boarding community. These are 5th Year students who are appointed to have responsibility over a dorm of junior girls by living with them in their dorm, setting a high standard of behaviour, tidiness and responsibility and caring for the needs of the younger girls. Weekly Prefect meetings are held with boarding staff so that there is constant feedback. 

Three main boarding buildings each with residential staff make up the Residence: The modern, state of the art Yates Block opened in 2006 is home to the most senior students in 6th Year. These purpose built four-bed dorms provide a comfortable haven for work, rest and play, with a study room, common room and piano in-house. Ms Siobhan Lawlor resides here, with other staff covering her night off. 

The Garden Dorms are home to 2nd Year girls and houses six dorms each of six or seven beds. A number of staff are resident here, who with the Dorm Prefects mind and keep a watchful eye over the energetic second years. 

The main dorm block is made up of the old Celbridge House, New Haven, and Upper and Lower Ossory and is home to 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th years. These dorms come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate the range of ages as well as the sociable and 

the more quiet alike! The tuck rooms are located in the basement where the all-important lunchtime viewing of certain Australian TV dramas takes place and the ever reliable toasted cheese sandwich is made to accompany a cupa soup or pot noodle. Some just prefer a mug of hot chocolate! Ms Sarah Bill resides in the midst of this hub! 

Periodic special evenings and events take place in the Residence, the most regular being a pizza night for each year about twice a term. Last year’s events included a Halloween Fancy Dress Disco, the Film Night and Talent Show before Christmas and a summer term Friday Fun Day, each of them raising funds for various charities chosen by the students. The Boarding House Committee made up of volunteer representatives from each year help plan these.