Inaugurated in 1960,the annual Liffey Descent is a major event in the kayaking calendar. Run over 33kms it features 10 weirs between Straffan Co Kildare and Islandbridge in Dublin. Thrown in for good measure is a feature called “Portage” which involves leaving the water and carrying your boat around an obstacle.The obstacle in question in this particular event is the Hydro Electric Power Station at Leixlip.The 500m “run” adds to the challenge.

Last Saturday Form 5’s Adam Pender (16) was one of two 16 year olds to enter the senior mens ranks for the first time. Competing in the K1 Class Adam competed the course in a highly competitive 2hrs and 32 minutes. A member of Kilkenny Aqua Canoe Club as well as Thomastown Paddlers, Adam has a very bright future ahead of him in his chosen sport.

Pictured is Adam at Straffan Weir and subsequently with Olympians Paul and Gary O’Donovan.


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