In Kilkenny College we are committed to supporting each student to reach his/her full potential; spiritual, physical, intellectual, cultural and emotional. Care is a whole school responsibility involving the entire school community. Much of it is woven into the fabric of ordinary everyday contacts and communication; in the classroom, on the corridors, on the stage and on the playing fields. In addition we have our formal structures with organised roles and responsibilities.

Contact with each pupil is ensured through a tutorial system which divides all pupils into small groups, each allocated to a member of staff. Each Year Group is overseen by a Year Head. Regular parent-teacher meetings are held to monitor pupils’ progress. Parents are welcome to meet the Principal, the Deputy Principal or Year Head by appointment.

The Heads of Boarding Houses and Day Pupil Coordinator all have specified roles in the care of the students.

Chaplain287 DVR57660

Our Chaplain plays a key role in the care structure in the school, supporting students in a spiritual and emotional context; formally through liturgical services and weekly school Assembly, and informally through personal contact. The Chaplain holds a weekly service in The College Chapel, which is a quiet space for reflection and worship.

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There are times in all our lives when we need someone to support us in a safe confidential setting as we work our way through a problem or difficult situation. In this context our counsellor is available to students. The counsellor is also available to parents who may wish to discuss any support their child may need or impart information confidentially. The school counsellor works closely with all the staff.

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A team of nurses provide 24 hour cover on the premises and we are linked to a Medical Clinic. In addition the nursing team play a key role in the emotional support of students. They liaise closely with the Heads of Boarding Houses, the school Counsellor, teachers and parents.

Learning Support and Resource Teaching

Parents of Children with Special Needs are met by the Learning Support Coordinator. The Coordinator and Learning Support team work to ensure that students receive full support for their individual needs, academic and emotional.

The Form 1 Year Head

The Form 1 Year Head plays a central role in supporting students settling into second level. The Year Head meets with parents and new pupils from the Open Days right through the enrolment process and on to the end of the first year.

Care Team Meetings

These meetings for all Forms are held on a fortnightly basis. They are attended by the Principal, the Deputy Principal, a member of the Nursing Staff, the School Counsellor, a member of the Special Needs Department and the Heads of the respective Houses. The meetings provide an opportunity for sharing of care information on students and planning the appropriate support by members of staff.

Dorm Prefect / Mentors

These are roles of responsibility held by Senior Students who work in a pastoral capacity with Juniors. The Dorm Prefects have responsibility for Junior Boarders and work closely with the Heads of the Boarding Houses. The Mentors (Day Students) have responsibility for Junior Day students and work with the Day Pupil Coordinator and other staff who oversee the programme.

Form 6 Prefects

This is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a student in Kilkenny College. Their role is to promote the ethos of the school through the care and support of all students. A prefect is a link between staff and students, enjoying the trust and respect of the entire school community.