Weekly Calendar – Vol. 5 Issue 18                                                                                            Monday 20th January – Friday 24th January




Monday 20th January

Art Department

Rescheduled:   Form 4 Art class trip to Kilkenny Design Centre. (ETA 3.45 pm)

Tuesday 21st January

Girls Rugby

Kilkenny College Girls are playing Loreto School, Kilkenny in a 15 a-side game at home at 4.15 pm. 

Wednesday 22nd January


2nds v Blackrock College Dublin (League) at home on floodlit B pitch. 2.30 pm KO

3rds v Cistercian College Roscrea (League) at home on floodlit B pitch. 3.30 pm KO

JCT v St. Mary’s College Dublin away. 2.30 pm KO (ETA 7 pm)

JCT C v Blackrock College Dublin (League) at home on Top G pitch. 2.30 pm KO

U15A v Gonzaga College Dublin at Kilkenny Rugby Club. 2.30 pm KO

U15 B and C v Gonzaga College Dublin at Kilkenny Rugby Club. 2.30 pm KO.

U14 A B and C v Presentation School Bray at home on A Hollow E/ B Top G and C Little A pitches. 1.30 pm KO

Girls Hockey

Senior 1st  v Loreto School Kilkenny at home in the South East Cup Final. 12.30 pm PB

Senior 2nd Training on pitch D. 4.30 pm PB

Senior 3rds v Junior A at home on pitch C.  2.15 pm PB

Inter v Minor A at home on pitch D. (Friendly) 1.30 pm PB

Junior A v Senior 3 at home on pitch C. (Friendly) 2.15 pm PB

Junior B1 v 1st Year A at home on pitch D. (Friendly) 3.30 pm PB

Junior B2 v Minor B2/C at home on pitch D. (Friendly) 2.30 pm PB

Minor A v Inter at home on pitch D. (Friendly) 1.30 pm PB

Minor B2/C v Junior B2 at home on pitch D. (Friendly) 2.30 pm PB.

Form 1A v Junior B1 at home on pitch D. (Friendly) 3.30 pm PB

Form 1 B1 v Alexandra College Dublin away. (Friendly) 2 pm PB (ETA 6.30 pm)

Form 1 B2 v Alexandra College Dublin away. (Friendly) 3 pm PB (ETA 6.30 pm)

Form 1 C v Alexandra College Dublin away. (Friendly) 3 pm PB (ETA 6.30 pm)

Boys Hockey

Senior 1st Newtown School, Waterford at home on pitch C.  (Friendly) 4.15 pm PB

Junior 1 v Newtown School, Waterford at home on pitch C. (Friendly) 3.15 pm PB

Junior 2 v Girls Senior 3rds at home on pitch C. (Friendly) 2.15 pm PB


Chamber Choir class trip to see National Chamber Choir at National Concert Hall.

Thursday 23rd January


Students from Form 5 & 6 R.E. Opt 1 attending coursework visit to the School of Biblical Studies and Near Eastern Languages at Trinity College Dublin to meet Professor Zuleika Rodgers, Head of the Department and Curator of the Weingreen Museum. (ETA 3.40 pm)


Under 19 Boys Leinster Championships in Baldoyle Badminton Centre. (ETA 7 pm)


Lunchtime recital concert in the large Music room at 1.55 pm. Forms 4, 5 and 6 performing.

Applied Maths

3rd and 4th Year Quiz.  The Irish Applied Mathematics Teachers’ Association are holding a Junior Problem Solving Competition for teams of 3rd and 4th Year students.  The competition is designed for any students from these year groups who have an interest in Maths and Science and enjoy solving problems.  It may be of particular interest to 3rd Year students who are considering studying Applied Mathematics or Physics in Senior Cycle.  The competition takes place on Thursday 23rd January from 7:30 pm to 9 pm at St. Leo’s College, Carlow.  (ETA 9.30 pm)

Friday 24th January


Dr. Morris’ Form 6 Biology class trip to Maynooth University. (ETA 5.45 pm)


Ms. Holmes Form 1T Geography class trip to Dunmore Caves. (ETA 11.20 am)

Rugby Supporters sign up at 1.50 pm in Butler House for Senior Cup match in Donnybrook (taking place on Thursday 30th Jan)


Form 6 IMTA Maths Competition at the CBS School Kilkenny. (ETA 9.15 pm)


Advanced Notice

Uniformity School Wear Ltd.

Uniformity sale now on with 20% off for 20 days on all school formal and sports uniforms.

20% off pullovers

20% off shirts and blouses

20% off skirts and trousers

20% off blazers

20% off ties

20% off sports gear

And more.                                                                                            Contact Uniformity directly at

28th January


Form 1N, 1R, 1S, and half of 1T Orienteering at Kilkenny Castle (ETA 3.40 pm)


Transition Year Music Show ‘The McAdoo Session’ 6.30 pm. 

Tickets €5.00 on sale in main hall during lunchtime.

Daytime show for all of 1st and 2nd Year Music students. Details from Music Teacher.

29th January

Girls Rugby

Leinster schoolgirls 7s blitz for Tier A schools away at Carlow Rugby Club. (ETA 2.40 pm)

30th January


South East Leinster Schools Cross-Country at Carlow GAA grounds.


SCT Cup v Wesley College away at Donnybrook. 3 pm KO.

(Supporters sign up in Butler House at 1.50 pm on Friday 24th January, 2020)


Gael Linn Debating - Round 3 at Kilkenny College at 5 pm. Other schools competing are Cistercian College Roscrea, Presentation School Arklow and Loreto School Clonmel.

31st Jan to14th February

Junior and Leaving Certificate Mock Exams (2 weeks + One Day)

3rd – 14th Feb.

Transition Year Work Experience (2 weeks)

11th February


Form 1 Orienteering at Kilkenny Castle (ETA 3.40 pm)

17th – 21st  Feb

Half Term Break

Friday 6th March

Form 1 Parent/Teacher meeting.

ECA as normal, Boarder Buses will depart at 5.45 pm

Friday 6th & Saturday 7th March


Wesley Music Festival at Wesley College, Dublin.

Application forms available in Ms. Harding and Ms. Kavanagh’s rooms.

Sunday 8th March, 2020



Kilkenny College Past Pupils Association will hold their annual lunch at Lyrath Hotel, Kilkenny.

This year all pupils are welcome but particularly past pupils who finished in any year end in 0 or 5 – Arrange your reunion around the weekend of 8th March and the Past Pupils Association will work with you to find class members, contacts and class lists. 

The Class of 1970 are looking for members to come along with a social event on the Saturday. Contact Bob Wallace or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or Tim Willoughby 087-6695255

To continue last year’s success in the recognition of sporting achievement, when we celebrated with the Girls of 1994, when they won the Kate Russell Cup, this year we are celebrating 35 years since the 1985 Senior Boys Rugby team won the Vinnie Murray Cup – calling all members of the team of 85… 

To get in touch, contact Mr. Tim Willoughby, President of Kilkenny College / Celbridge Past Pupils Association. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   087-6695255

24th April

Form 5 Parent / Teacher Meeting.

8th May

Form 4 Parent / Teacher Meeting.


                                                            School Regulations



Wednesday Arrangements.

Class contact ends on Wednesdays at 1.35 pm.

Day Pupils who are not signed up for lunch or do not partake in afternoon activities, should leave the premises by 1.50pm.

It is very important that students avail fully of the opportunities presented to them on Wednesday afternoons.  Students on the premises at 2.20 pm have the following options;


·      Supervised School activity: e.g.:  Sport/ Yoga / Computer Club / Art Club/ Heritage Club.

                Students who are part of a squad/ team have a prior commitment to this and should only attend an alternative activity with the express permission of the relevant coach/ coordinator.

·       Prep :                       Girls: Rooms 61/2 Colton Building.   Boys: Study Hall.

·       Form 6 Study:       Library Study Area.

·       (On occasion, by prior arrangement with staff) Project Preparation

·       Students are not allowed in the Dorms 2.20 pm -3.40pm (unless by direct permission from the relevant staff).

·       Hanging around corridors/ locker areas is strictly forbidden.

·       If a Day pupil, on occasion, has to wait for a lift he/ she should request permission from a Deputy Principal to attend Prep.

 Leave Out:

·       As per other days of the week students may request Leave Out at the end of the school day (from 3.45 pm) from the boarding house staff.  

·       As per other days of the week any other necessary absence is by direct arrangement between parent/ guardian and the relevant school personnel.




Please note that Kilkenny College accepts no responsibility for personal purchases made on-line and delivered to the school.

Boarding Pupils

Message to Parents of Boarding Students returning to School after Weekend:

Sunday Night Return:

Parents are reminded that the official return time for students on Sunday nights is 7-9pm.

Having students return within this timeframe allows the staff in the respective Boarding Houses to maintain a routine that is best suited to students settling back in and getting organised for the week.

We respectfully ask that parents adhere to this timeframe while acknowledging that there will always be individual situations and circumstances where this may not be possible. In such cases we would ask that you communicate with Ms. Bill/ Mr. Maloney, the respective Heads of Boarding.

Contact Numbers:  Celbridge House 086 4055797         Butler House 087 6834025

                                     Yates House:       087 3959782          Wolfe House: 087 2618927

Note Mr. Cuddihy is absent on sick leave. In the interim Mr. Colm Maloney is the point of contact for all 6th Form Boarder Boys matters.


It is school policy that students in Forms 1-5 leave and return to school in School Uniform. Form 6 have the privilege of leaving and returning in appropriate casual attire.







Unwell Students:

If your son/ daughter is returning from illness or has been unwell over the weekend, we ask that you err on the side of caution in returning them to school. Medical clearance should be sought in serious cases and an absence of all symptoms should inform your judgement call on minor situations.

Colds and flus can spread very quickly in a boarding environment. It is in the interest of all that everyone takes cognisance of this. If in doubt keep them at home.

Please note that Nurse comes on duty on Sunday nights at 8pm. Calls before this time will go unanswered.

Day Pupils

If your son/daughter:

(i)                 will be absent

(ii)                will be late

(iii)              will be leaving the school early any day

could you please contact the school, preferably by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by calling


Day Pupils

Signing Out

In circumstances where you wish to sign your child out before end of school day please be advised this must be done by 9.30 am by either:

·       Phone Call: 056 – 7761544

·       Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

·       Note in School Journal.                            

Text messages on your child’s phone are not acceptable. Please give the reason why your child is leaving early.

Day Pupil Lockers

Only day pupils that have signed up for Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) have been allocated a Sports Locker.  ECA forms are available from the Administration Office, once form is completed a Sports Locker will be allocated to that student.



On Fridays after school, students have three options after 3:40pm.

Prep, home or ECA with a teacher.  Waiting for lifts up to 3:50pm is acceptable.

Our Library

Opening Hours for Students: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4 pm – 5.15 pm

Lunchtime 1.45 pm – 2.15 pm. Monday to Friday. Teatime 5.45 pm – 6.15 pm Tuesday and Thursday.

Students may only borrow books by using their Smart Card to do so. No Card – No Book.

Mobile phones are not permitted in the Library.




Students with Special Dietary Requirements

We are updating our list of students who have special dietary requirements or food intolerances.

If you feel your name ought to be included on this list and currently is not, you are requested to check with Nurse. Alternatively, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

School Photos

The annual school photographs are available from


Parents/Guardians who leave their children on the Campus prior to 8.25 am are notified that there is no supervision provided at that time.


Cyclists: All cyclists are highly advised to wear a helmet, reflective gear and to have working lights on their bicycle.

Students Cars: Parents/Guardians are reminded that students are never permitted to drive cars on the Campus.

ID Cards

If you are having difficulty with log-in or topping up cards, please contact Panoptic IT Solutions at

056 4491488 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Year Heads


Mr. Richard Willis and Mr. Jeff Carter have been appointed by the Board of Management as Assistant Principals, taking on Year Head Responsibilities in 2nd and 5th Form respectively.

Year                      Year Head                            Contact Details

6th Form               Ms. M. Cuddihy                       086 012 3899

5th Form               Mr. J. Carter                              087 397 7073

4th Form               Ms. M. Wilkins                        086 012 4505

3rd Form               Ms. B. O’Keeffe                        087 195 3861

2nd Form               Mr. R. Willis                             087 293 2780

1st Form                Ms. S. Arnopp                         087 195 3803


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