Principal / Headmaster Simon Thompson's tribute at Assembly, 21st June 2021

It is a tragedy that we must gather once again to share on our shock and grief at the death of a student from within Kilkenny College. 

It is six short weeks since we gathered to grieve for the loss of Aidan Slevin from Form 1, we gather to remember and to pray for Tiggy Hancock from Form 2, her parents Frank and Jane, her sisters Eliza and Lucy and Tiggy’s wider family and her many, many friends.

Tiggy died last Wednesday, the 16th June, following a Horse-riding accident in County Dublin.

Tiggy was, as we know, already an established athlete in her sport of Equestrian Eventing. Horses and ponies are not only Tiggy’s passion, but also her family’s. Life at home in Corries was immersed in equestrian activity. Tiggy loved being with her ponies and her horses.

Tiggy was an established member of the Carlow and Kilkenny Hunt Pony Club and the Irish Pony Society. Tiggy represented Ireland at the U16 European Eventing Championships, winning a Bronze medal, the youngest person ever to do so. Experts in Horse Sports have said that Tiggy was destined for the very top. Tiggy’s ability, her dedication, her courage, ensured she had achieved far ahead of the norm in a short but brilliant competitive career.

School here in Kilkenny College was also a happy place for Tiggy. Tiggy loved every day at school. She felt comfortable here, secure among her friends, busy among the activities of the day. Tiggy enjoyed her classes but loved being on the move, chatting, planning, organising adventures with her buddies. You could see Tiggy’s smile in her eyes even when she was wearing a facemask. 

Tiggy’s school dream was to become a Boarder in 4th Form and the truth is she had already spent plenty of afternoons in her friends Dorms, talking, having fun, bouncing on beds, enjoying being young. Tiggy was in no rush to be older, she was grounded in the age she was and enjoyed being who she was. Tiggy was comfortable in her own skin and people gravitated towards her because of this. Everyone close to Tiggy loved her: loved her friendship, loved her sense of fun, loved her energetic spirit.

The entirety of our school community is devasted at the loss of a beautiful child so early in her life. In our own grief we remember first today Tiggy, her parents and sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts and godparents. We remember all Tiggy’s friends both within our school and beyond it. Each of us can, in our own way, silently or in prayer, express our love and support to all who grieve for Tiggy.

May Tiggy Rest In Peace secure in the loving arms of God.


Simon Thompson

Principal / Headmaster

Kilkenny College

Secretary to the Board of Management

June 21st 2021

This weekend Birr man and Kilkenny College past pupil Shane Delahunt will make his 100 appearance for Connacht Rugby. It comes as no surprise  as his former school coach Jeff Carter said “It is not just about turning up for the game for Shane, it is the meticulous preparation, the attention to his craft and the constant buzzing energy that permeates off him as he prepares to run out onto the pitch “.The 27 year old will win his 100th cap for Connacht against the Ospreys on Friday night next.

Ever humble and gracious , this ex - Kilkenny College Senior Captain has been an integral part of Connacht’s rise in Irish Rugby over the course of the last six years. Meeting the demands of professional sport and running the family farm with his Dad, Billy. Shane has consistently performed on a regular basis with his province demonstrating a tremendous skillset and willingness to improve himself as a player.

Professional sport is not easy. Many young men and women dream of representing their team 100 times and as Shane reflects on this achievement, he can most certainly be proud of this honour and the many more he will earn over the course of his career.

Over the years, Shane has always given back in abundance to his former school. Training sessions, attendance at matches, shirt signing with young players have always been a part of his link to the community in Kilkenny College. In particular he maintains a great friendship with his former coach Jeff Carter. It would not be unusual to see both men on the pitch or in the gym working on some aspect of his game.

We wish him well in his continuing  rugby journey and applaud his success as he reaches this monumental moment in his career.

Kilkenny College is accepting Notice of Intention to Apply for Form 1 for the 2022/2023 Academic Year.  The closing date for receipt of the Notice of Intention to Apply for the 2022/2023 Academic Year is 31st August 2021.

Any Notice of Intention to Apply received, for the 2022/2023 Academic Year, after this date will be deemed a late application.

Click here for enrolment documents

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of one of our First Form students in Kilkenny College, Aidan Slevin from Tullaroan on Monday.  This is a terrible occurrence for a Kilkenny College family and, by extension, our school and our community.

Aidan was a popular member of his class and year group. Aidan was an enthusiastic member of 1st form, a loving, kind and friendly person who got on easily with everyone. In school Aidan busily got himself involved in all aspect of school life including Music, Rugby and Hockey. 

We are all grieving for the death of our student. Our prayers, our sympathy and our thoughts are with Aidan’s family in their grief, his parents Cormac and Breeda, his siblings Eva, Hugo and Rowan.

The College Care team members and all staff, supported by NEPS psychologists have been providing pastoral support to students since Tuesday morning as we grieve and remember a student, a friend and a loved member of this community.

The arrangements for Aidan’s funeral are available via the Link below to

For the ninth consecutive year Kilkenny College held it’s very own tractor run this week.

Given the global pandemic, for the second year the tractor run had to be virtual.  The students in senior years video recorded themselves at home over the previous weekend.  The run was launched online on its traditional day, which is  the Thursday evening prior to the May bank-holiday weekend.

In previous years the girls and boys gathered in JVW Transport in Gowran and drove the 16km in to the College on the Castlecomer Road.  The original tractor run had 16 tractors while the last real event had almost 60.Those original founding students George Coyle, Wesley Byrne ,Ben Tompkins,Stpehen Agar and Dara Bulfin continue to take part.

Last Thursday the usual excitement of 450 boarder students welcoming the drivers on campus was missing, however the  girls and boys watched it online in evening study. As well as shots of students driving a number of past pupils sent good wishes, which are included in the ten minute video.

The organising Committee had nominated The Good Shepherd Centre as their charity for this year. Donations welcome.

Kilkenny College participated in the Move For Your School challenge organised by Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership from March 1st to March 28th.  The aim of the challenge was to encourage as many staff and students from secondary schools in Kilkenny to be active.

The Challenge was organised using the Strava app which measures distances recorded and gives a breakdown of average pace along with other features.  To qualify for the challenge 15% of the school community minimum was needed and the results were based on the average km covered per participant.

There were over 200 members of the Kilkenny College school community who participated in the Challenge and there was lots of friendly rivalry between family members, year groups, staff members and friends.  Some of the pupils enjoyed getting one up on their teachers! After an exciting 4 weeks (fortunate with good weather), Kilkenny College finished overall in 1st place. The College also came 1st for three of the four weeks.  Collectively Kilkenny College  covered 31,353km.  The breakdown was as follows:

Form 1:                 2919.1km

Form 2:                 5483.61km

Form 3:                 5266.1km

Form 4:                 3364km

Form 5:                 2829.3km

Form 6:                 2773km

Staff:                     8717.89km

Well done to each and every participant who went above and beyond at times.

There were a number of participants who walked a full marathon over the course of the 4 weeks.  A marathon is 42.2km.  Those students were:

Wendy Fairbrother, Emma Cooke, Lauren Grace, Hugh Dagg,  Matthew Dragoi, Emily Fitzpatrick, Shaun Dalton, Rose Smyth and Ava Langrell. (Hugh Daag actually walked 2 marathons on the one weekend.)Three students completed a three quarter marathon too.  They were Aaron Langrell, Sass Thompson and Aphra Wallace

Sincere thanks to Mr David Lowry who led and encouraged the school community with such good humour. 

While the challenge is over, the message from Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership is to keep active and stay healthy.