This weekend 100 years ago this 24 year old Doctor, King Elmes, from County Wexford was killed by an artillery shell when he took shelter in a ditch in Flanders in the final weeks of the war. 

King Elmes died on 28th September 1918. He was one of the last students from Kilkenny College to die in battle. 

He had served alongside T.E.Lawrence (of Arabia), his ship had also been torpedoed while he was embarked for Italy from Egypt.

In Ireland, the current decade has rightly been called 'the decade of remembrance'. This weekend is a time when we in Kilkenny College can engage with the reality of remembrance as we remember the contribution and sacrifice of past students in the conflicts which have shaped the world in which we live.

Incidentally that is a lizard sitting on his head; like many a Kilkenny College student, he had a sense of humour.