In the absence of our annual Sports Assembly both the Rugby and Hockey Departments held their respective awards night via Zoom.

We are grateful to Mr Ashmore for taking the lead in organising the Rugby Awards and to Mr Willis for leading the Hockey Awards. Both were supported by their colleagues in their respective departments.

The Rugby awards were held on June 4th while the Hockey Awards took place a week later on June 11th.Both Depts created a video montage of the year’s events and we have posted them on the College’s Instagram account. Special thanks to Form 5 student Cameron Wagenaar for his work on the hockey video.

The Rugby Dept one is here.  The Hockey Dept one is here.

Kilkenny College Hockey Awards 2020

The Hockey Awards had over 150 remote participants and included a Hockey Quiz using the app Kahoot. Well done to Holly Hutchinson, Julie Greene and Sara Stephens all form 5 who were the prize winners. We say thanks to all at for sponsoring the prizes.

The Hockey Dept were fortunate to have current Irish Internationals Deirdre Duke and Jeremy Duncan join them remotely and this short video you can see here.

First Year C

Most Improved Player- Abby Chadwick

Player of the Year-Caitlin Fallon

First Year B2

Most Improved Player-Roisin Dunne

Player of the Year-Isabelle Maxwell

First Year B1

Most Improved Player-Marthe Dolan

Player of the Year-Jane Lalor

First Year A

Most Improved Player-Molly Finlay

Player of the Year-Ruby Conroy

Minor B2

Most Improved Player-Julia Cardines Treacy

Player of the Year-Davina Than

Minor B1

Most Improved Player-Sarah Keane

Player of the Year-Mia Collier

Minor A

Most Improved Player-Charlotte Hathaway

Player of the Year- Amy Handcock

Representative Honours

Congratulations to the following for representing the South East in the Under 16 Inter Provincials: Emer Sweetnam, Emma Simmons, Lilly Grace and Amy Handcock.

Junior B 3

Most Improved Player-Eve Gallagher

Player of the Year-Sarah O’Connor

Junior B 2

Most Improved Player-Theodara Lande

Player of the Year- Abi Codd

Junior B1

Most Improved Player-Emmeline Bird

Player of the Year-Rebecca Moynan

Junior A

Most Improved-Jess Trayer

Player of the Year-Zoe Handcock

Representative Honours

Congratulations to 3 U.16 SE interprovincial players – Zoe Handcock, Megan Sherwood and Sarah Wilson– Well done! And congratulations to Zoe who went on to be selected for Irish training and trials.

Senior 4th

Most Improved Player-Amelia Clegg

Player of the Year-Eva Whyte

Senior 3rd

Most Improved Player-Juliette Norse

Player of the Year-Tara O’Byrne

Senior 2nd

Most Improved Player-Eva Shirley

Player of the Year-Lilly Onilena

Senior A

Most Improved Player-Julie Greene

Representative Honours

Congratulations to Julie Greene and Ava Chamney for being selected for the South East Under 16 Interprovincial Squad. Special mention for Julie Greene who is currently in the Irish Under 16 squad.

Congratulations to the following girls for Representing the South East at the under 18 Inter Provincials: Flo McDonald, Lucy Oakes, Faye Neill, Issy Walshe, Holly Hutchinson, Ally Williams.

Sixsmith Cup

The Sixsmith Cup is sponsored in recognition of the fantastic contribution Ms Sixsmith has made to hockey in Kilkenny College and at Club, Interprovincial and International Levels. It is given to the player that demonstrates a passion for the game, constant improvement, skill and leadership.

Recipient Rachel Lacey

Form 1

Most Improved Player-Charlie Nesbitt

Players of the Year-Noah James and Craig Bailey

Second Year

Most Improved-Alex Fairbank

Player of the Year-Liam Richardson

Third Year

Most Improved Player-Gavin Corcoran

Player of the Year-Charlie Moran

Fourth Year

Most Improved Player-Ed Lambert

Player of the Year-Shaun Dalton

Fifth Year

Most Improved Player-Will James

Player of the Year-Henry Huston

Sixth Year

Most Improved player-Alex Symes

Representative Honours

Congratulations to the following:

  • Cameron Wagenaar who represented Munster in the Under 18 Inter Provincials and was awarded an Irish Trial.
  • Tim Cope and Henry Huston who, last year,represented Leinster at Under 18 Level .
  • Ian O’Keeffe and Simon Young who represented Leinster at Under 21 Level last summer.

Sharman Cup

This Cup is in memory of Herbie Sharman who coached and administrated and championed Hockey in the College for many years. It is given to the player that demonstrates a passion for the game, constant improvement, skill and leadership.

Recipient -Simon Young

King Cup

The Cup was sponsored by the King Family, three of which represented Kilkenny College in Goal. It is awarded to, a girl or boy, in recognition of the specialised nature of the position and the qualities of bravery, athletic ability and commitment that are necessary to play it, to the highest level.

Recipient – Ian O’Keeffe


Kilkenny College Rugby Awards 2019/20

Best forward and best back

1st Year D 

Diarmuid Smithwick-O’Brien – Charlie Nesbit​

1st Year C 

Jerry O’Donovan – Dean Fairbrother​

1st Year B 

Gary O’Rourke – Mark Miller​

1st Year A 

Andrew Cooper – Ivor Fenton​

2nd Year C 

Arthur James – Ben Collier​

2nd Year B 

Gary Power – Eric Valentine​

2nd Year A 

Gavin Atkinson – Danny Benn​


Josh Mills – Pearse Phelan​


James Grace – Max Passberger​


Stephen Smyth – Sean Naughton / Adam Cope​


Transition Year 

Adam Shirley – Charlie Kennedy​


2nd XV ​ (5th Years)

James Cooper – Tom Donald​

1st XV ​ (5th Years)

Josh Akanji-Murphy – Liam Foot​

The 6th year awards will be distributed at their graduation ceremony.


Leinster Representatives.

Leinster U20 – Jake Caldbeck​

Leinster U19 – Ryan Strong​

Leinster U19 – Charlie Tector​

Leinster U17 – Harry Rogers​

Leinster U17 – Stephen Smyth​

Leinster U17 – Sean Naughton​


Girls Rugby 

1st XV (5th Years)

Holly Talbot-Jessica Shirley

The 6th year awards will be distributed at their graduation ceremony.