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National Parents Council (Post Primary)
Department of Education
Cental Applications Office (CAO)
State Examinations Commission

“The Parents’ Association shall promote the interests of the students in the school in co-operation with the Board, Principal, teachers and students in line with the current Mission Statement of Kilkenny College”

What does the Association do?

  • Liaises with the Principal and the Board of Management on matters relating to the school.
  • Adopts a programme of activities which will promote the involvement of parents in the operation of the school, in consultation with the Principal.
  • Allocation of funds raised by the Parents Association.
  • Participate in COMPASS, the body representing Minority Religious Groups on the National Parents’ Council.

How can you get involved in the Association?

Our AGM is held in September each year and new members are always welcome. Election of new officers and members occurs prior to or at the AGM. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact the Chairperson or one of your local representatives on this contact list.

Assistance required for individual events

You do not need to be a member of the Association to assist at individual events. We require assistance with a wide range of events including:- welcome events for new students, career’s evening, Transition Year activities, Work Experience opportunities, information & refreshments at various events. Please contact the chairperson or one of your local representative on the contact list in the above paragraph. if you wish to become involved. All participation by parents is most welcome.

Rugby Fixtures Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Team Opposition Venue/Pitch Competition Time Leave Class/Food Depart/Return
2nds Newbridge Donnybrook League Final 4pm 12.15pm 12.45pm/9pm 
 Supporters          1.25pm 1.50pm/8pm 
U 15 A Newbridge and CC Roscrea Home/Top Morrow Cup Blitz 2.30pm Food 11.10am class till 1.35pm  

Girls Hockey Fixtures Wednesday 10th April 2019






Leave Class/Food


Junior B1

Loreto Kilkenny

Home-Pitch C

South East Junior Cup Final


Leave Class: 12.15pm

Early Lunch: 12.15pm




If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank you

James Rossiter & Patricia Clancy

Junior Cycle Co-Ordinators

  • What subjects have changed so far?

Students who entered 1st Year in September 2015 are doing the new English course and Business and Science were introduced for 1st Years in 2016


  • What subjects are being introduced in September 2017?    

Irish/Modern Languages/Visual Art


  • What subjects are being introduced in 2018?

Maths/Home Economics/Music/History/Geography  


  • What is Wellbeing?

New subject comprising of CSPE/SPHE and PE plus others –initially 300 hours over 3 years moving to 400 .


  • Where can I see the subject specifications/curricula?

Subject specifications are online at  


  • Where else can I get information on the new Junior Cycle?          


  • What are the 8 key skills and 24 statements of learning feature spoke about in the new JCT?   

Across all subjects and across the school students should be given the opportunity to master 8 key skills and meet 24 statements of learning


  • How many subjects do students currently study?

Between 8 and 10 as well as CSPE, SPHE and PE  


  • How many subjects do students study from September 2017?

Between 8 and 10 subjects in addition to Wellbeing (PE/SPHE/PE). Students studying less than 10 subjects can also do short courses  


  • What are other areas of learning?

Activities that students are involved in that fit in with the 8 key skills and 24 statements. E.g. If SPHE is not done as a short course, it is categorised as another area of learning  


  • What is the minimum length of class period in Junior Cycle?

40 mins    


  • What is a CBA?

This is a Classroom Based Assessment. It allows students demonstrate skills ad concepts and their ability to apply them in ways that may not be possible in standard exams.  


  • How many CBA take place per subject?

Two, one in 2nd Year and one in 3rd Year  


  • Will all subjects have two CBAs?

No, some subjects where the creation of an item for correction is part of the exam e.g. Woodwork/Metalwork/Art, the second CBA will be linked to this project work.  


  • When do CBAs happen?

In class time and within a time frame set down nationally  


  • How are CBAs graded?  
      • Exceptional
      • Above Expectation
      • In line with expectations
      • Yet to meet expectations  
  • Who assesses the CBAs?

The teacher in question  


  • What is a SLAR Meeting?

Meeting of subject teachers to discuss the work of students and agree a standard. It takes place after the Classroom Based Assessment (CBA)


  • What subjects might not have a SLAR?

Practical subjects that have produced a project for correction by the State exams commission  


  • What is an Assessment Task?

Work completed prior to the main exam –done in class time but sent away with the final exam  


  • How will the final examination in June differ between Junior Cycle and Junior Certificate?

No exam will be over 2 hours in duration
Only Irish/English/Maths will have Higher and Ordinary  


  • What are the grade descriptors for SEC examinations?
        • Distinction
        • Higher Merit
        • Merit
        • Achieved Partially
        • Achieved Not graded  
  • How many days may a school close in 2017/18 for JC activities?

2 days